february photo a day challenge: update

February 7, 2012
i have been lacking on all things communication lately, but i have kept up on my february photo-a-day challenge...{i missed one day though...the challenge was 10am...at 10am i am swamped by little kiddos, so just picture that in your head. its not always a pretty sight}

day 2 | words

day 3 | hands 
{nathan and my dirty hands after crafts}

day 4 | a stranger
 {this was tough}

day 5 | 10am {oops}

day 6 | dinner 
{i'm just glad i cooked last night...and it was delicioius}

day 7 | button
{the button from my bracelet with a glimpse at my tattoo of nate's birthday}

my life lately is take nate to daycare, get to work {usually late...mornings have been tough}, straight from work to look at a series of horrible rental homes {our landlord is selling the house and we aren't quite ready to buy}, grocery store or running any errands, pick up nathan, get home to fix dinner {luckily brian has been fixing dinner and taking care of bath time}, then getting my lesson plan done for the next couple days, then i squeeze in any bonding time with brian or catching up on shows i can. to say the least things have been a little crazy lately. i am hoping after we move {should we find a house soon} then things will settle down. 

hope everyone else is living a more relaxed life then we are lately. 

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