Eric Carle on my mind

January 13, 2012
first and foremost i want to apologize for not writing everyday (i've been having some technical difficulties, being new to this and all) i hope you can forgive me.

i've been working on my classroom at work and getting it all set to the same theme. i decided i wanted it to be bright and fun, as any preschool classroom should be, so i came up with an eric carle theme. all of his books were my favorites when i was little and now they are my favorites to read to the kids and to nathan, mainly because of the artwork. 

this weekend i will be making all of my centers signs as well as my numbers, alphabet, shapes, and colors posters in an eric carle sort of way. im thinking bold colors and splatter paint. (pictures to follow)

so today i wanted to share a round-up of my favorite eric carle art work...

plus how cute is he working in his studio?

i will be sure to take some photos of my end results and eric carle has just inspired me with a new art project for the kids; i will keep you informed on when that happens as well. 


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