i love

my love + our little love
my family
mountains + snow
learning to cook
watching football
(i am currently a preschool teacher)
art is my therapy
music is my escape 
the beach 
(ive promised brian we will move to water soon)
playing choo-choo’s with nathan
pita chips + hummus
TEXAS football
cuddling + sweet kisses from brian
cocktail hour
seeing my sister for the first time in a long time
date nights with my sweetheart
constantly decorating my home
crafts/diy projects
 morning snuggles with my family
skinny vanilla lattes
facetime with aunt alli
coloring + painting with nathan 
bagels with cream cheese
cooking out in the fall + spring
reading to nathan
fresh laundry
eating dinner outside on our porch
the smells of christmas
getting kisses from my little

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