saturday somethings

March 24, 2012
welcome to saturday somethings. this is a new post i will do every saturday to share some blogs and fun things I've been looking at lately. each item will be a link so you can go discover new blogs I'm reading and fun little somethings for the home or kiddos.

so here goes first saturday somethings, have a wonderful rest of the weekend...
  • my walls are craving these yangyang pan paintings. since i clearly can't afford the pieces available at anthropologie, i think ill have to go visit yangyang's etsy shop, siiso.
  • with easter around the corner, i can't stop thinking about decorating eggs. i found these bright lovelies and will definitely be mimicking, plus how cute are the mustaches? brian just informed me that he is great at decorating eggs {who would've thought} so now there is a bit of a challenge.
  • a new blog I've been reading eclectic mom. and now i have a bit of blog/mom envy. 
*brian if you're reading this please stop*
  • i don't know what i did before pinterest, I've always been real creative, but some of these ideas on there are wonderful. i have 2 years to do this one but i absolutely love it! can't wait to throw brian the best 30th birthday ever from waking up to a big party. 
  • also i want these...if i could afford sixty-three dollar bowls, i would buy them today. maybe i can make a version of these myself. ill let you know if i do and share my diy.

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