our story

both living in dallas we had one mutual friend. i knew who he was + had an instant crush, he was tall with sweet eyes, my type exactly. we had yet to officially meet though. one night i was out with friends; my best friend + i got bored so we walked over to the bar across the street. a place i had gone a hundred times before. a strange guy started hitting on me + my friend had disappeared, i had no one to save me (the one time you need a reason to leave a conversation + no one is around). in comes BRIAN, he walked up smooth as ever + asked if he could buy his wife a drink (cheesy i know but it got me out of that conversation quickly!). i followed him to the bar + the rest was history. 
we spent every minute together. we secluded ourselves until we made sure we knew everything about each other. we met each others families + fell in love. 
two years later, we were blessed with a HUGE surprise. our loving son nathan. he was the best thing that has ever happened to us. brian is the greatest father + grows to be better + better every day.
we are not married + right now life is so peaceful,  we wouldn’t want to change it, except with more kiddos at some point. 
brian has changed my life + loved me perfectly + is without a doubt my soulmate.

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  1. Aww, I love this. Looking forward to book club with you!